A Proven Approach to Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDs)

Developed for the Nation’s Leading Utilities and Critical Infrastructure Providers

Since 2016 IndustrialEnet (iEnet) has been designing and providing industrialized security technology solutions to some of the largest critical infrastructure companies in the United States.

Working in collaboration with IEnet’s team of solution architects and certified field engineers and have developed repeatable and scalable programs for customers needing to meet compliance objectives while reduce operational cost.

iEnet’s PIDs Programs are a combination of parts and software that are designed and commissioned by iEnet certified engineers specifically to meet your NERC compliance and active threat deterrent needs.


iEnet’s PIDS Solutions are carefully configured ecosystems made up of industrially hardened devices, networking hardware, and surge power calibration.

Customer solutions include an array of advance features and configurations including:


  • Slew-to-Cue eyes on target ground radar to thermal camera

  • Gunshot detection with thermal camera eyes on target with optional audio deterrent

  • Drone detection and threat automation with real-time classification and multi zone tracking*

  • Portable industrial-grade tower installations*

  • Physical and cyber hardened edge-based networking and surge protection

  • Advanced AI automations and cloud-based ML classifications

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We protect your PIDs solutions investment

Acting as an extension of your team, iEnet serves as your technical management advocate – assuring congruency across all phases of your PIDs initiatives to assuring tehcnical objectives are realized and result in higher ROI.

Site Survey and Design 

Detailed perimeter study including risks, power access, gaps and environmental factors. Delivers plan for right-sized strategy.

Device Procurement and Pre-Configuration

Procurement, device pre-configuration and device mapping for proper installation.

On-Site Commissioning and Optimization

iEnet Field Engineers On-site Commissiong, Alarm Reviews and SAT.

How it Works

Because each utility site has unique topographical and structural considerations, iEnet’s Solution Set is designed to offer a flexible mix of device and configuration options. Our clients can scale up or down the level of support and engagement they need per site.

Your PIDS Solutions Set includes a dedicated Solutions Engineer who will work with you to understand your operational, regulatory and budgetary goals. After a detailed site survey our Solutions Team will present a PIDS Solution Set for approval.

Configured and Optimized by
Certified iEnet Engineers

  • Bosch Video Analytics Expert and BVMS Master
  • Genetec Security Center / Mission Control
  • Cisco CCNA / CCNP / CCIE
  • Hirschmann HiBS / HiES / HiOS L3 / HiNE / HINP / HIRP
  • VMware

Trusted Manufacturers

iEnet’s Solutions incorporate only devices from trusted partners who are committed to driving innovation in the security sector. Some of our strategic and most field-tested manufacturers include:

Ground Sensors

Ground and Airspace
Optimized Manufacturers


PTZ Color and Thermal
Optimized Manufacturers

Gunshot Detection

Long Range Super Sonic Detection
Optimized Manufacturers

Audio Deterrant

LRAD and Talk Down
Optimized Manufacturers


Monitoring and Alert Notifications
Optimized Manufacturers

Power & Networking

Cyber Hardened and Surge Protection
Optimized Manufacturers

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