Smart City

Intelligent Traffic Systems

Traffic congestion is a growing problem for almost every state’s Department of Transportation, and we have all experienced it. Typically, the DOT would try to improve traffic flow by simply adding capacity by building more lanes, new overpasses, bridges, and tunnels, incurring billions of dollars in cost, and years of construction delays and headaches. With the advent of smart technology, DOT’s can now optimize traffic flow on their existing highways by using intelligent solutions, extending the useful life of their transportation system.

At IENET, we create intelligent, automated systems with our channel partners that employ the latest network and video analytics solutions for DOTs across the country allowing them to improve traffic flow and enhance public safety. A recent example included a network upgrade for a high-traffic interstate highway that includes high resolution cameras from Bosch, one of our Vendor Partners. Using traffic analytics, the camera data is aggregated at the DOT control center, with the system automatically monitoring/adjusting flow and counting cars, but also can perform advanced safety features such as wrong way detection.

The key is the immediacy, and the usefulness of the information available to help the operator in the control center can make intelligent decisions. IENET’s Intelligent Traffic Systems are highly flexible and scalable to meet the latest requirements by DOT and Metro customers, that ultimately lay the foundation for future Smart City needs.

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