Critical Infrastructure

Data Centers

Critical infrastructure includes physical installations that are vital to our public safety, the economy, and national security. Our advanced society has many such physical assets, some left largely unprotected due to logistics and economics; and some have been secured with chain-link fences, armed guards and watch dogs. There are thousands of data centers that fall into this category, but the proper application of. technology can provide security that is not only far more economical to install and operate, but better and more reliable.

For Data Centers IENET, working with our Channel Partners and our Vendor Partners, creates automated, application specific solutions for this vertical that include high-resolution Bosch cameras with built-in data analytics to identify possible intruders, that can quickly focus the cameras identify the potential “threat” to a Security Operations Center. Applying multiple authentication and deterrence technology such as radar and audio, adds intelligence to the situation, aiding the operator to determine if the “threat” is real, and the appropriate response that would be required.

IENET’s data center solutions are extremely reliable, they work in all kinds of weather, at any time of day or night, and are cost effective to install and operate. Our customer base includes several Fortune 100 companies in North America.

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