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Working with our Channel Partners, Contractors, and Vendors, iEnet offers PIDS (perimeter intrusion detection system) solutions for this vertical that include high-resolution Bosch cameras coupled with SpotterRF radar with built-in data analytics to identify possible intruders that can quickly identify the potential “threat” to a Security Operations Center.  Applying multiple authentication and deterrence technology, such as lighting and audio, adds intelligence to the situation and aids the operator to make the appropriate response that would be required.  Underpinning iEnet’s unique approach is industrial-grade power and networking ensuring long-term product life and performance on each project.

IEnet is recognized as a leader in the Critical Infrastructure Security market and leads a Vendor Consortium approach that leverages the best in-suite industrial products from a select global vendor base to market a proven PIDS product solution to our Channel Partners and contractors that is easy to install, operate, and maintain.   We have strong expertise in Data Center perimeter security and are engaged with channel partners that sell into the Fortune 100 Data Center customer base.

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