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Sub Stations are part of the electrical power grid where our critical distribution of electricity resides. These facilities are places where the building, people and assets in it could be at risk and vulnerable to intruders. Unfortunately, many of these critical properties are only protected by a fence, but now fall under new Federal NERCCIP guidelines that mandate the protection level for each class of facility.

IENET, working with one of the largest utilities in North America, applied a multi-layered, IP-based technologies to provide security that is not only far more economical to install and operate, but more reliable at detecting intruders and alerting Security personnel.

IENET’s automated solution for this vertical that include high-resolution Bosch cameras with built-in data analytics working in conjunction with Doppler Radar for early threat detection. The information from the cameras and radar are sent back to a central location as well as on-site Security personnel (where applicable). The Security operator, who can manage multiple substation locations, can determine if the “threat” is real and the appropriate response, which could include illuminating the facility, activating an audio system to advise the intruder that they have entered into a secure area and if necessary, dispatch human assets to the scene.

IENET’s networks are extremely reliable, they work in all kinds of weather, at any time of day or night, and are economical to install and operate.