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Data Centers


Data centers are increasingly becoming part of both national and global critical infrastructure, and there are now over 3000 centers and growing in the US alone. While cyber security is an important issue for data centers, physical security and deterrence is also key in protecting external potential data breaches. Today, many are left largely unprotected due to logistics and economics; and some have been secured with only chain-link fences and roaming security guards.

IENET, working with our Channel and Vendor Partners, designs and implements automated systems to Fortune 100 companies in this vertical that include high-resolution Bosch cameras with built-in data analytics to identify possible intruders, and Bosch Video Management Systems to focus the cameras on the “threat.” The solution also employs Doppler radars for early threat detection, and Public Address systems to provide audio deterrence warning.

The analytic information from the cameras and radars are sent back to a central location where the operator, who can manage multiple facilities, can determine if the “threat” is real, and the appropriate response. He/she can illuminate the facility; can activate an audio system to advise the intruder that he is in a secure area and has been detected; can lock down the facility; and can dispatch human assets to the scene.

IENET’s networks are extremely reliable, they work in all kinds of weather, at any time of day or night, and are economical to install and operate.