Project Questionnaire

As a preliminary step in helping you with the proper equipment selection and any recommendations we may have, please take a few moments to fill in the following questionnaire of which we will review and issue a response. A drawing, spreadsheet, or hand drawn sketch may also be submitted. A PDF version is preferred due to size, we can view AutoCAD drawings, and can edit any drawing that you send in Visio format (Visio Shapes are available in our How2 section). You may also fax a hand drawn sketch to (503) 210-0221.

5. Please describe briefly the application? Example: SCADA System for City wide Wastewater System or Real-time Control over Ethernet for Wafer Fab facility, Chemical Skid to be connected to DCS, Traffic Monitoring Video over IP, Industrial IP Telephones, Etc.

6. Provide a list of the types of devices and their Ethernet Port connection type (TX RJ45, FX Multi-mode, FX Single Mode, 802.11g or 802.11b Wireless); including the make and models if you know, you will be connecting into the network? Example: PLC, DCS System, AC or DC Drives, GUI or Man Machine Interface, Data Server, Video over IP Cameras, IP Intercom System, IP Telephone, Etc.
8. Preferred type of Network? (check all that apply)
If multiples please briefly describe?
9. There are the possibility of many different Ethernet Switch configurations. This part of the questionnaire is intended to differentiate how many instances of each of these node types are required. Select up to 10 different node type configurations. For example: 4 of the network nodes may require 8 RJ45 Ports for device connections, while 3 others may require 16? So, in this case you would select 2 node types. Please Contact Us if you need assistance with this very important part of our questionnaire.
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10. There are the possibility of many different Wireless Node configurations. We suggest first using the Esteem RF Design Spreadsheet to help you further understand how to properly fill in the questionnaire. Remember, with high bandwidth, high frequency transmission, clean line of site is very important and repeaters or multiple repeaters may be needed to transmit and receive the data. Please Contact Us if you need assistance with this very important part of our questionnaire.
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