IndustrialENET difference

We are the largest supplier of industrial network equipment in North America to the
Wind Farm industry.

Served as lead supplier of industrial network equipment and video over IP, to one of the Nations largest Homeland Security installation protecting the San Francisco Bay Area Bridges and Tunnels post the 9/11 threat.

Provided solid Ethernet SCADA solutions and equipment for hydro, wind, and geothermal power generation, substation automation, fresh water and wastewater systems.

Worked with large government defense contractors to forge redundant and dual redundant Industrial Ethernet Systems for Marine and Naval Shipboard Installations

Provided preliminary design consultation, validation and support functions to many large engineering firms and system integration companies, involved in a wide variety of project concerns, such as, transportation, utility, petrochemical, pipeline, municipality and manufacturing

Serve as Master VAR to many industrial automation distribution companies, both in the US and Canada.

Have extensively researched the industrial Ethernet products market to find products that are the best fit and most reliable solutions for our customers. With many of these
manufacturers, IndustrialENET has earned the position of Key Partner or Master VAR

Extensive background in Media based Fiber Optic and Wireless Communication Systems!