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Hirschman Classic Software V9


As industrial networks are growing in size, this release removes some limitations on network expansion which were previously found on the MACH products. Finally, as customer demand for Power over Ethernet increases, the new Manual PoE Management function ensures the maximum number of devices can be powered using the available power.

Key Differentiator:
Technologies change quickly. And so do your industrial network infrastructure needs. A product you implemented in the past may have suited your requirements at the time, but today key features may be missing. Belden provides free of charge Hirschmann software upgrades, ensuring that your device is as state-of-the-art today as when you first installed it.

Target Applications:
The software offers security, scalability, and ease of use functions which are relevant to all vertical markets where MACH, MICE, Rail and OCTOPUS devices are installed.

Phoenix Contact


International organization recognizes U.S.-developed industrial PC for outstanding design

Phoenix Contact’s Designline industrial PC recently won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 in the “Industry/Skilled trades” category. The International Forum presented the award at a gala in Hamburg, Germany, on February 27.

Jurors evaluated nominated products within the Professional Concept discipline for design quality, functionality, degree of innovation/creativity, relevance, and practicality/degree of development. This year, there were 164 submissions in the Professional Concept discipline, and 43 products received the iF Label.

Panel PCs with IP65 protection — your systems’ calling card

The panel PCs in our Designline series combine high-performance technology with an attractive design. They are narrow, feature IP65 protection and multi-touch capability. Because they can be installed quickly and easily directly on the machine, you’ll always find them close to the action.

Their fanless, energy-efficient design makes them the ideal solution for future operating concepts in industrial systems: easy maintenance, custom configurations and robust.

DL series IPCs can be mounted directly on the machine. This allows these devices to be used, for example, as a hardware platform in your manufacturing execution system. You’ll save space because there is no need for a separate housing. Plus, the device can be installed at eye level on the front of the machine.

All the key components are very accessible, which means that service can be performed easily.

Bosch MIC 7000


Bosch MIC 7000 cameras are engineered to work perfectly in the most extreme environments. Their rugged metal bodies can withstand high-impact (IK10 rating) and continuous low-frequency vibration (IEC 60068 rating). The MIC IP 7000 family meets everything nature can throw at it, such as temperatures as low as -40˚C (-40° Fahrenheit), or as high as +60˚C +140° Fahrenheit), severe winds, rain, snow and 100% humidity.

The superior metallurgy and finish of the MIC IP 7000 HD cameras provide unprecedented protection against corrosion. Its integrated silicone wiper and washer keeps the glass clean, and the window-defrosting function ensures that the camera captures the highest quality images even in icy and rainy conditions. In addition to challenging locations, like wind parks at sea and oil rigs, its robust design makes the MIC IP 7000 HD family ideal for city surveillance, traffic monitoring, transportation, plus energy and utility facilities.

Perfect exposure, every time
In extreme low light, or scenes with fast moving objects, the MIC IP starlight 7000 HD with 720p resolution delivers video images where other cameras fail, even down to 0.01 lux. It also provides clear color images down to 0.05 lux – when other cameras have long switched to monochrome. With its wide dynamic range and intelligent backlight compensation technology, the MIC IP dynamic 7000 HD provides full HD1080p resolution to ensure that objects of interest are enhanced and can be easily identified in scenes with contrasting bright and dark areas.

Both cameras also feature intelligent Defog technology to dynamically adjust camera contrast settings and deliver the highest quality video images in scenes affected by fog, smog, mist, or other low contrast factors.
When light levels drop to zero, the optional MIC illuminator ensures that persons and other objects of interest are still detected. This feature uses infrared and white light LEDs, which can be selected with a single operator click. Even in complete darkness objects can be detected up to 175 meters (574 feet) away.